Historical Background

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Dingalan became a municipal district in June 1956 under R A 1536 with an estimated population of 2,000 residents. It was a former sitio Barrio of San Luis, Municipality of Baler Tayabas (Quezon) Province. Early settlers in their story accounted, that Dumagat tribes abound in the place. According to them, the names of most of the landmarks and places of the municipality were given by the Dumagat. There was strong belief that "Dingalan" is a Dumagat word, which means "By the River of Galan". True to its name the municipality is sitting on its fifteen (15) rivers and creeks.

The logging and sawmill operation of the late Don Felipe Buencamino has contributed to the migration of the different ethnic group and settlers for good in the municipality as early as 1930. Since then, inter-marriages among the Tagalog, Ilocano, Pampangos and Bicolanos had been practiced.

The municipalities part and role in the rich historical heritage of the country cannot be over emphasized. Dingalan was occupied by the Japanese Forces during World War II. The Japanese took over the operation of sawmills and cut timber for the construction of their barracks and garrisons. Dingalan Bay was used as one of their "exit points" when the retreated to the United States Armed Forces in 1945.

Its position in the history was more of a significant in 1957, when the municipality became the Training Ground for the South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), which included the United States 7th Fleet. Dingalan Bay also became one of the sites of the RP-US Balikatan Military Exercises for three (3) consecutive years from 1982-1984.

On June 16, 1962, Dingalan was converted into a municipality by virtue of the enactment of Republic Act No. 3490.

November 2004, Dingalan was suffered by three consecutive typhoons namely Winnie, Violeta & Yoyong, that left hundred of homeless and 135 dead. Brgy. Paltic, Davil-davilan & Poblacion are worst affected by the calamity.

The table below shows the personalities who were elected/appointed and once served as the Municipal mayor of Dingalan, namely:

Term of Office
Nature of Appointment
06/01/56 - 12/31/59
Hon. Tomas R. Angara
01/01/60 - 12/31/63
Hon. Calixto V. Pronto
01/01/64 - 12/31/67
Hon. Lorenzo P. Francisco
01/01/68 - 04/30/86
Hon. Norberto D. Galvez
05/01/86 - 11/30/87
Hon. Fernando G. Garcia
12/02/87 - 12/15/87
Hon. Idelfonso M.Evangelista
02/02/88 - 06/10/93
Hon. Norberto D.Galvez
06/11/93 - 06/30/95
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
Rule of Succession
06/30/95 - 06/30/98
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
07/01/98 - 06/30/01
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
06/30/01 - 06/30/04
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
06/30/04 - 05/22/06
Hon. Jaime P. Ylarde
05/23/06 - 06/29/07
Hon. Edgardo R. Galvez
OIC - Mun. Mayor
07/02/07 - 06/30/10
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
07/01/10 - 06/30/13
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
07/01/13 - 06/30/16
Hon. Zenaida Q. Padiernos
07/01/16 - 06/30/19
Hon. Shierwin H. Taay

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